Things we are thankful for: the beach . . .

Yes, we are having fun this week.
We rented a place with a pool, but the hot tub wasn't working, so the condo rental agency moved us to a new place. It is a lot smaller, but the hot tub is hot (and the pool is not).
This morning the kids played a game called "see if you can use the storage tub as a personal watercraft." Here is Aspen sinking, despite the additional floatation materials.
Hazel was the first person to succesfully pilot the storage tub, although Toby subsequentlyt managed to keep his balance and paddle his way back and forth across the pool--very impressive.
Here is Toby, with his usual "riding the waves" face--in the four foot deep pool, with no waves.
The shadows are definitely a little longer this time of year. . .
Jake built his usual seawall.
Fewer people = a ton more shells on the beach.
Making good use of the timer on the camera . . .
Heading home after a day at the beach.

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