An End and A Beginning

Since my dad, my mom, and my sister called today to tell me that I had fallen off the face of the earth and they were worried about me, I am finally getting my blog butt in gear and posting.  I have messed up the template for this blog so much that I have decided that I may as well just start over. And since we have started over in the rest of our life--new state, new house, new vehicle, new school, new ward, new friends,etc.  I am starting a new blog. So hop on over and follow me there.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world will stay here.  But I am not going to fix it.  So come see the new one.



  • I've been messing with my blog, as you can see.  I messed it up (arrggghhh) and am still trying to fix it. 
  • We found a house to rent, finally.
  • I have the kids halfway enrolled in school: 1 1/2 hours to fill out paperwork, 1 1/2 hours for the kids to take placement tests.  Tomorrow I will meet with all three schools to sign each child up for classes (probably another 1 1/2 hours at each school for another 4 1/2 hours total).
  • Our household stuff, that has been in storage in Dallas for the last 5 weeks, will be delivered on Monday. YAY!!
  • Our life is about to be back to normal next week. Well, closer to normal anyway.


Seen while driving

We did lots of driving this year. We've seen lots of interesting things too. While crossing New Mexico we came up on the Google Maps street view camera car. It was pretty cool. That would be a fun job to driving around America videoing everything.



I got a new truck. YAY!!!! I started out looking at trucks way back in February after we traded my last vehicle in for Nate's new car. Then I thought that an SUV might be more practicle with four kids and friends. But, after searching for two weeks and being unable to find what we were looking for, I ended up getting this truck. And it's what I really wanted in the first place.

**Here in Kansas, you don't have license plates on the front of your vehicle. So lots of people put fun plates on the front. Usually their favorite sports team or college. Everyone here laughs when they see my front bumper. My truck is anything but covert. They don't know that it's CO-vert (the place I bought my truck, not co-VERT).


The Art of Legos

While in Topeka, we went to the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University to see an exhibit that used Legos as the medium. We all love Legos. And it was fun to see what could be made with these little plastic blocks.

Hazel thought it was fun to either copy the pose of the piece or react to it. Cool mosaic.

I didn't notice that the figures in this piece created an eye if you stood in just the right spot until after I took the picture and saw it on my camera.

Afterwards there were Legos to play with. I think it was the kids favorite part.


My favorite toys

We didn't bring much with us to Kansas besides clothes and computers. And since we aren't in a permanent place here yet, the kids haven't yet started school. So they are a little bored.

The only toys that they all enjoy playing with and don't get bored of are Legos.

Legos are also my favorite. So I decided to buy a couple basic building sets (we mostly have themed and specialized sets, so I wanted to get these anyway.)

They have been playing with these Legos for two weeks and everyday it is new. The only problem is that there aren't enough. So I may buy some more before we get into a house and get our stuff back. But I don't mind. I love Legos.


Good-bye to Texas

Finally, it happened. We packed up. The truck was loaded. We locked the doors. And we moved away.

It has taken so long to get here. Part of me is still in denial. Our situation is still in temporary mode, so things aren't quite settled. But we got an offer on our house. And we have moved to a better temporary housing arrangement. So the kids have started seminary. We are still trying to find a house in the school boundaries that we want to be in, so they haven't started school yet. But we are looking, and looking, and looking.

We miss Texas. We miss our family and our friends that were also our family. It is always a bit hard to start over again. But it will all work out.